We are the positive industry community
We are the industry committed to progress

Entities, industrial companies and executives

Each individual membership boosts the potential of our entire community

We want an aware society

that can appreciate the progress provided by positive industry

We work with public administration

We need an environment that is favourable to positive industry

In this changing and complex environment, it is essential to have a positive attitude in order to be able to detect and make the most of new opportunities. We congratulate you on this declaration.

Jaume Guardia, CONCENTROL

We joined the Positive Industry movement because, at HISPABAÑO, we firmly believe in the sustainable growth of industry and the economy, and we endeavour to make our company more global and, in parallel, more human.

Vanessa Muñoz, HISPABAÑO

At Compas Professional Expertise, we work every day as active agents for change, generating a positive impact on our partners, customers and the society in general where we live and conduct our activity. We are proud to join this Positive Industry declaration, taking part in the important transformative role of industry in the world.


We take pride (and responsibility) in now being part of AMEC’s “POSITIVE INDUSTRY” community; congratulations for this (one of many) commendable initiative, which enables us to bring out the best in all of us without interrupting our PURPOSES in the company and in life.

Martí Lloveras, ARGOS TRADING

Positivism in all aspects of life

Alexandre Revoltós, ALIMATIC

Industries must understand that we are agents of change, not only because our business decisions can be incredibly powerful drivers of this much needed change of course, but also because we are communities of people who can individually expedite this process with minor daily decisions. We have joined to achieve more!

Albert Puxan, MIMASA

At Traktech, we are proud to take part in and promote the "POSITIVE INDUSTRY" movement because we share AMEC's values and philosophy in this initiative. To paraphrase Gandhi, may the “POSITIVE INDUSTRY” community be the change we wish to see in the world

Jordi Torres, TRAKTECH

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    amec presents the Positive Industry movement

    In a statement , the directors of industrial companies claim the industry as one of the agents with the greatest power of social and economic transformation and consider that its actions must be for the benefit of all stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers and the community).amec invites the entire ecosystem to join its declaration during the celebration of the 2020 Forum ‘Purpose and company’, which has brought together more than 400 managers from the internationalized industry.Companies…

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