Cecot backs AMEC’s Positive Industry movement

Private entity
Cecot comprises business people who, being concerned about maintaining and helping our business fabric grow, are involved in advocating for the interests of micro-enterprises, SMEs, self-employed workers and entrepreneurs. Cecot is an associative, assembly-based organisation with a free membership system representing Catalan companies that form the various guilds and associations that comprise it. It has a multi-sector and plural nature.
Core values
We oversee the competitiveness and interests of companies, training them, advising them and advocating for them before institutions and we accompany them in order to help them grow and become stronger and more innovative. Furthermore, we foster entrepreneurship as a path for personal and professional growth. We work transparently in a network in order to act as a voice for entrepreneurs. We do this in an innovative, responsible and committed way.
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Regardless of the current political context, Cecot continues to call on all parliamentary groups to seek and reach the maximum possible agreements for the benefit of economic and business development, considering social cohesion as a core and necessary aspect to strengthen our welfare society. We believe that, in order to give prominence to social policies, it is necessary to explain that we must help generate more income and that this involves helping the business fabric that generates employment and wealth.

Recommendation by Oriol Alba, Secretary General of Cecot


“Cecot joins the Positive Industry movement launched by AMEC because we share the DNA of its manifesto: acknowledging industry as one of the most powerful agents of social and economic transformation.


We are fully aware of the contribution of industry to a country’s economic, social and cultural development. Our organisation’s history is closely linked to the industrial revolution that began in the textile sector in the Vallés region, currently southern Europe’s most industrialised region, and which provided major social advances.


In recent years, the tertiarisation of our economy and high dependence on specific sectors have left us with a less solid and diversified economy. The pandemic brought about by COVID-19 has highlighted the risk that this entails, and now is the time to become aware and bring the need to foster industrial policies that enable us to transform our production model back to the core of the debate.


With initiatives such as Positive Industry, we at Cecot reiterate our commitment to a digital, committed and sustainable industry that enables us to be more competitive and creates higher quality jobs in order to ultimately generate greater well-being and social cohesion.”




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