FEGP, La Federació Empresarial del Gran Penedès (the Greater Penedès Business Federation)

FEGP, the Greater Penedès Business Federation, supports AMEC’s Positive Industry declaration and highlights its commitment to the social and economic environment

Private entity
The Greater Penedès Business Federation is an associative, assembly-based organisation with a free membership system which represents the entire business community in its inter-regional area. The FEGP is independent and has a multi-sector and plural nature. Its scope matches the historic Greater Penedès region, straddling the provinces of Barcelona and Tarragona.
Core values
The members want a Federation committed to the associated companies and to the territory that hosts us. A transparent and cohesive association that accompanies business leaders and which uses strength in numbers to advocate for its interests. We have to be a benchmark and we must contribute to setting the pace of development of our regions.
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The core goal of the FEGP is to foster economic activity and develop the surrounding business fabric. With the ongoing generation of new services and advantages and continuously produced actions, the Federation drives the flow of information, modernisation and free competition of the member companies and, as a whole, of the business fabric of the Penedès and Garraf.

FEGP wishes to express its support for AMEC‘s Positive Industry declaration

Recommendation by Neus Lloveras, President of FEGP

We joined POSITIVE INDUSTRY because it excellently visualises the values that any 21st-century company should apply and defend. Congratulations on the initiative.

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