Mireia Cammany, Vice-President of PIMEC, backs the Positive Industry movement, convinced of the need for a strong, competitive and sustainable industry to lead economic and social recovery

Private entity
PIMEC is the most representative employers' confederation today that represents and advocates for the interests of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the self-employed in Catalonia.
Core values
PIMEC's goal is to raise awareness and work to ensure that economic policy is devised to foster the development of SMEs and the self-employed, Catalonia’s core business fabric, since they represent more than 99.8% of all companies, 70% of employment and 65% of the GDP of our country.
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PIMEC looks after the interests of SMEs and the self-employed through its presence acting as a social agent around tables and on committees, as well as through lobbying actions in leading areas of interest to SMEs and their competitiveness.
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