A strategic sector



We advocate for a sound and diversified economy, where all sectors are maintained in a strong and sustainable balance, including green production landscapes, excellent quality food, services geared towards major goals and industrial and knowledge brands that are a global benchmark.



We want to be part of a system that drives the sectors generating the most progress and acknowledges industry as one of the most powerful agents of social and economic transformation.


We are Positive Industry


We are Positive Industry because we love what we do, we look after the team that helps us do it and, beyond being global companies, we act locally with the regions and societies with which we share prosperity. 


As companies, we measure ourselves against the quality of what we produce, but also against the social value we provide. 


We work towards making the world we live in more like the world in which we want to live.


The five principles of Positive Industry are:



Acting strategically and in advance for the good of the ecosystem we are part of.



Adapting quickly and in the friendliest way to a changing environment.



Collaborating with companies, entities and society when we can contribute to the greater good.



Understanding that our activity transcends the world: thinking globally, but also acting locally.



Focusing on sustainability as the only path towards the progress of the company, society and the planet. 





We firmly and decidedly intend to contribute to making the change of era as secure, cross-cutting and positive as possible for companies, society and the planet.


We voluntarily uphold this statement because we believe in the future of our planet, in the opportunity of the time in which we are living and in the transformative role of industry.


Act with forethought


Using forethought in our decision-making is an act of responsibility. At present, companies have the tools, resources and sources to keep up to date with major trends and to anticipate movements in certain international markets.


Without forethought, there is no possibility of innovation.

Adapt quickly


Decision-making must be streamlined and effective. Speed of execution is crucial in changing contexts such as today’s, and in innovation and development processes. It is not only a matter of trusting our teams, but also of surrounding ourselves with experts who can help us to analyse strategic changes while reducing risks. 


Adapting quickly is the basis for competitive companies.

Collaborate with other companies and/or entities


The ability to collaborate with other companies will be a key competitive factor in this new era. Seeking the ideal dimension is going to be a challenge that we can overcome with our own structure and/or with a network of trusted partners. 


Business collaboration will no longer be optional and will become a tool for exponential growth, as each collaboration boosts opportunities exponentially. 




It is no longer only a matter of acting with your eyes on the world. It is about thinking globally, but adapting global patterns to the characteristics of the place in which we are established and having the desire to form part of it. This should also include product manufacturing, which should take local demand into account.



Focus on sustainability

Sustainability is the only way for us to understand progress. As stated in the United Nations SDGs, humanity has 10 years to change course. Enhancing sustainability can be a complex process in certain industries, but that must be the strategic focus.




We are industrial companies committed to shared progress. We need an environment that is conducive to the development of our strategic plans, and a society that grows towards STEAM disciplines. 





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