The positive companies participate in the elaboration of the Keys for the change of the productive model
Apr 20 23



Some fifty experts from internationalized industrial companies have participated in the preparation of the document Keys for a change in the production model , which proposes the measures that must be carried out so that industry can play its role as the engine of a solid and diversified economy. . The proposals address the new challenges and the need for transformation of industrial companies, in order to build a sustainable and prosperous society.


The Executive Committee of amec delivered the document, after its presentation to the entire ecosystem and before the internationalized industrial companies , to the Secretary General of Industry, Raül Blanco, in a meeting in which the necessary and urgent transformation of the industry was addressed . It has also been delivered to those responsible for government and parliamentary groups, both state and Autonomous Communities, as well as the European Commission.

The document includes a key element of the Positive Industry movement: the vindication of the essential role of the industry to overcome the crisis and as a guarantor to mitigate and shorten the new crises that, of different origins, will occur.


The community of industrial companies considers that we are at a crucial moment to carry out a decisive commitment to the industry. For this reason, it proposes concrete measures and how to carry them out through active policies in ten different aspects, such as agility for reactivation and change of capacities; for a green and inclusive economic recovery; the commitment to an intensive industry in R+D+i and expansive policies focused on efficiency and innovation; digitization; the access of industrial companies to the talent necessary for change; the boost from the foreign sector; as well as the promotion of public-private collaboration to ensure the implementation of effective measures and guarantee their effectiveness and change.


For amec and its community, the industry must move forward to be able to transform and adapt to changes, allowing with it the generation of jobs with greater added value, until it earns a weight that represents 25% of GDP. In this way, an economy with a high degree of knowledge and innovation can be built that not only cushions shocks such as that of the current pandemic, but also ensures its competitiveness at a global level.

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