Jorge Cuartero, Managing Director of Anmopyc, backs the Positive Industry declaration, firmly convinced of the important role of industry in socially and economically contributing to the progress of territories and the people who are part of them

Private entity:
The Spanish Association of Exporting Manufacturers of Machinery for Construction, Public Works and Mining, Anmopyc, is a private, non-profit, sector organisation founded in 1982 and representing a broad number of companies from all across Spain that place their trust in this Association when initiating or consolidating their international presence.
Core values
Advocating for the interests of companies in the Spanish public works and construction equipment sector and contributing to strengthening their presence in international markets.
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Anmopyc has the acknowledgement of official organisations, Spanish and foreign entities and institutions, a highly professional team with good foresight and a great capacity to adapt to change.

Recommendation by Jorge Cuartero, Managing Director of Anmopyc

We JOINED the POSITIVE INDUSTRY fostered by AMEC as a friendly association.


We are committed to the declaration, as we firmly believe that INDUSTRY socially and economically contributes to driving the progress of territories and the people who are part of them.


This declaration highlights the value of industry as a transforming agent, and undoubtedly a positive industry working to achieve a better, more balanced world and that puts people’s well-being and future before economic interests.


The Associations and business groups must undoubtedly serve as a driver to encourage all companies. We therefore provide our full backing to this initiative. At Anmopyc and with the help of AMEC, we will work for and with the ecosystem of the sector we represent to make the construction industry responsible in complying with the principles of ANTICIPATION, ADAPTATION, COLLABORATION, GLOCALISATION and SUSTAINABILITY to leave a planet the same or better than the one on which we find ourselves.



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