Foment del Treball Nacional

Foment del Treball backs AMEC’s Positive Industry declaration and highlights its commitment to Spanish industry

Public-Private entity
Foment del Treball Nacional is the confederation that has represented businessmen and the powerful Catalan industry since 1771. As an independent, private, non-profit organization, covered by the constitutional and legal right of association of businessmen, it is governed with democratic criteria by freely elected representatives.
Core values
Defend the interests of Catalan businessmen in general - and associates in particular -, promoting a favorable environment for productive activity in dialogue with public powers and representatives of civil society. - They believe in private and business initiative - They claim the social value of the entrepreneur - They defend dialogue and consensus between social agents in favor of economic and human progress - They promote the social responsibility of the businessman - They promote knowledge and its dissemination as a guarantee of progress - They are committed to the economic and human development of Catalonia, Spain and Europe within a framework of freedoms and a well-being society.

Recommendation by Josep Sánchez Llibre, President of Foment del Treball

“Actions such as the Positive Industry movement facilitate the fulfillment of sustainable development objectives and demonstrate the leading role that industrial companies want to play. The role of the business world is to contribute to the collective good”


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